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SAMARIKA dehumidifier archieves high efficiency by drastically reducing the sensible colling load upon its refrigeration system by using an air-to-air heat exchanger to pre - cool the incoming air by the cold air leaving the dehumidifier coil. For example, if the room is maintained at 45 % RH at 22oC then the dew point of the room air is 10oC. That is the temperature to which it must be cooled before a single drop of water can condense out. Thus about half the refrigeration capacity is spent in dry cooling the air from 22oC to 10oC, making the dehumidifier only 50% effective. In other words, a one ton unit would be needed to meet a dehumidification load of only half a ton. Not only does the unit itself waste energy, but it also needs a larger airconditioner to carry, away the extra heat generated by it.

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