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Samarika Pharma Equipments offers you varoius type of pharmaceutical equipments with excellent quality, best price and fast delivery.

Air Curtains are installed above doorways prevent hot air, dust and insects from entering air-conditioned rooms. Pheroh air curtains reduce the amount of compressed air and put out more air. The usage of less compressed air almost eliminates the noise levels. Besides being highly effective, they are also economical and consume less electricity. We, at Pheroh, introduce a new line of Air Curtains with elegant modern designs that offer an optimum combination of low noise level, sufficient air flow and minimal turbulence. Designed to suit the different entry doors and small industrial doors or shops, our air curtains have been tried and tested and are being used by many industrial and commercial units. The special features enable in inviting customers in by allowing entry doors to stay open.

OUTPUT : That keeps cold air in :
Keeps hot air, dust fumes and insects out.
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